About Us


Australian Young Generation in Nuclear is committed to ensuring all Australians continue to gain the maximum benefit from nuclear science and technology tomorrow, by engaging and supporting young Australians today.


Australian Young Generation in Nuclear aims to:

  1. Develop and expand the network of young nuclear professionals within Australia and around the world
  2. Promote the peaceful uses and benefits of nuclear science and technology
  3. Promote transfer of knowledge between different generations of nuclear professionals
  4. Promote transfer of knowledge between young nuclear professionals
  5. Create professional development opportunities for young Australians in the nuclear industry
  6. Encourage young Australians to take up a career in the nuclear industry
  7. Be a voice for young professionals to the rest of the nuclear industry


The 2020 AusYGN committee has eight members.

Julia Garside


Julia is a Nuclear Mechanical project engineer who has been at the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation for over two years. She entered the company as a graduate engineer in 2015. She studied at the University of Melbourne where she obtained a Master of Engineering (Mechanical) and Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Systems). Julia was originally drawn to nuclear science and technology for the unique opportunities and challenges it could offer an engineer in solving problems unlike any seen in other areas of Australian industry.

AusYGN is an organisation that fills a gap in the Australian nuclear industry. It connects young professionals around the country who share a passion for nuclear science and technology. Young students and professionals are filled with inspiration and ideas that deserve to be shared with their peers and acted upon. Julia is focused on ensuring that the full potential of AusYGN is realised alongside her talented team members.

Julian Milthorpe

Vice President

Julian is a Reactor Instrumentation and Control engineer at ANSTO, where he manages the OPAL reactor control system as the leader of the OPAL I&C group. He joined ANSTO as a graduate after gaining his degree in Engineering, with his work now focusing on the continuous improvement to reactor facility utilisation and operability, as well as the guidance and mentoring of his team.

Julian seeks to expand the AusYGN network and support AusYGN’s role as a valuable platform for networking and professional development. Through his involvement with AusYGN, Julian hopes to encourage young professional innovation in nuclear-related science and engineering.

Shakila Fernando


Shakila is a Graduate at ANSTO working across a diverse range of applications of nuclear science and technology. From Industry and Stakeholder Engagement to Business Development and Human Health research, Shakila is passionate about communicating and translating nuclear science research and technology for the benefit of the world. Shakila has an interesting combination of Bachelor Degrees in Commerce and Science from UNSW but if you ask her why she picked them she has no idea but they ‘worked out in the end’.

As a committee member of AusYGN, Shakila is focused on creating opportunities for members to be exposed to the diverse applications of nuclear science and technology as well as developing a platform to network and engage with like minded peers.

Kaitlyn Gunderson-Briggs


Kaitlyn is a Process/GMP Engineer at ANSTO Health. In her role she has a focus on pharmaceutical complaince. Previously she was a Grad at ANSTO. She studied at the University of Sydney and completed honours in Chemistry at Monash University. During her studies Kaitlyn was an intern at the CSIRO, Sydney Water and in the Minerals business unit at ANSTO. For some reason she also has a Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering, and is studying to attain an Graduate Certificate in Good Manufacturing Practice. She was the Finance Chair for IYNC2020 and won the Best Poster Award at the conference.

Nick Howarth

Information Systems Officer

Nick is the Operational Technology Team Leader for the OPAL Research Reactor at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). Nick leads a team of OT engineers, responsible for the engineering, operation, maintenance and security of OPAL’s OT systems. He has a Bachelor of Technology from Western Sydney University, is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), and is currently studying a Master of Business and Technology at the University of Technology Sydney.

Nick is passionate about facilitating AusYGN’s growth and engagement by providing systems and tools to empower the committee and the community as a whole.

Ciara Collins

Events Officer

As events chair, probably the only thing you want to know about Ciara Collins is ‘Does she like to party?’. The answer is Yes, she does like to party. A lot. She is also pretty good at organising other people to party, which is a pretty good talent for an events chair.

You might also be interested to know, that in between partying and organising events, her day job is as Nuclear Mechanical Project Engineer at ANSTO. Ciara has worked as graduate at the OPAL reactor, and in the Engineering support team for Nuclear Operations.

Between killing it at both her day job (nuclear engineering) and her real job (events chair/party person) she attained a Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering. Sometime before that she also got a Masters Degree in Partying combined with Biomedical Engineering.

Ask her how she fits it all in at our next event!

Ben Storer

University Relations Officer

Ben has a background in neuroscience and psychology and is currently working in human health research at ANSTO. His work focuses on, but is not limited to, studying the ways in which radiation exposure may impact the central nervous system.

He is passionate about the ways in which nuclear science and technology can be used to improve people’s health and well-being. Through AusYGN, Ben hopes to encourage more young people to get involved with the nuclear industry and its many applications.

Hayat Chamtie

Industry and Research Officer

Hayat is a Senior Project Engineer at ANSTO. With a degree in Mechanical (Biomedical) Engineering, she stumbled onto a new pathway that lead her to the nuclear industry and hasn’t looked back! She works with the OPAL reactor team but more closely with Waste Management Services, on projects related to the management of radioactive waste. Previous to ANSTO, Hayat has worked across the medical product lifecycle for different devices in research, mechanical design and product marketing at ResMed. You can ask her about sleep apnea and COPD or dive into the detail of how CPAP machines, portable oxygen concentrators and ventilators work.

As Industry and research officer, Hayat is passionate about connecting with more younger professionals. With an aim to inform a broader audience of AusYGN’s missions and increase our member base, she is looking to connect those in industry and research. This will allow AusYGN members to learn more about the nuclear science and technology industry, and the opportunities that exist in this field. ‘More conversations, more connections and always more to learn’ is her motto!