About Us


Australian Young Generation in Nuclear is committed to ensuring all Australians continue to gain the maximum benefit from nuclear science and technology tomorrow, by engaging and supporting young Australians today.


Australian Young Generation in Nuclear aims to:

  1. Develop and expand the network of young nuclear professionals within Australia and around the world
  2. Promote the peaceful uses and benefits of nuclear science and technology
  3. Promote transfer of knowledge between different generations of nuclear professionals
  4. Promote transfer of knowledge between young nuclear professionals
  5. Create professional development opportunities for young Australians in the nuclear industry
  6. Encourage young Australians to take up a career in the nuclear industry
  7. Be a voice for young professionals to the rest of the nuclear industry


The 2021 AusYGN committee is comprised of the following members.

Ciara Collins


Ciara is a Nuclear Mechanical project engineer at ANSTO. She entered the organisation as a graduate engineer in 2017 after obtaining a Masters of Biomedical Engineering/Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at UNSW. She works in Nuclear Operations, allowing her to contribute to projects across the OPAL reactor, and radioactive waste management. During her time at ANSTO she has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering.

She joined the AusYGN committee last year as Events Officer, whilst also being involved in the planning of IYNC2020 as Social Events Chair. In her current role, she is excited to help provide development and networking opportunities to those involved in the nuclear industry and to showcase Australia’s landmark infrastructure.

Stan Lee

Vice President

Stan is a Senior Project Engineer at ANSTO. He joined ANSTO as a graduate after completing degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Law at the University of Sydney. During his time with ANSTO’s Engineering division, he has managed projects across the OPAL Research Reactor, nuclear medicine and waste management. He has also worked for the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering and ANSTO’s Legal department, and previously worked for an intellectual property firm and biotechnology start-up.

It is an exciting time for nuclear in Australia and Stan is keen for young professionals to take up the increasing opportunities to develop the industry in Australia. He considers AusYGN to be the perfect organisation to get people engaged in the right way, and is interested in developing AusYGN’s involvement with the community.

Shakila Fernando


Shakila is a Graduate at ANSTO working across a diverse range of applications of nuclear science and technology. From Industry and Stakeholder Engagement to Business Development and Human Health research, Shakila is passionate about communicating and translating nuclear science research and technology for the benefit of the world. Shakila has an interesting combination of Bachelor Degrees in Commerce and Science from UNSW but if you ask her why she picked them she has no idea but they ‘worked out in the end’.

As a committee member of AusYGN, Shakila is focused on creating opportunities for members to be exposed to the diverse applications of nuclear science and technology as well as developing a platform to network and engage with like minded peers.

Kaitlyn Gunderson-Briggs


Kaitlyn is a Process/GMP Engineer at ANSTO Health. In her role she has a focus on pharmaceutical complaince. Previously she was a Grad at ANSTO. She studied at the University of Sydney and completed honours in Chemistry at Monash University. During her studies Kaitlyn was an intern at the CSIRO, Sydney Water and in the Minerals business unit at ANSTO. For some reason she also has a Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering, and is studying to attain an Graduate Certificate in Good Manufacturing Practice. She was the Finance Chair for IYNC2020 and won the Best Poster Award at the conference.

Hayat Chamtie

University Relations Officer

Hayat is a Senior Project Engineer at ANSTO. With a degree in Mechanical (Biomedical) Engineering, she stumbled onto a new pathway that lead her to the nuclear industry and hasn’t looked back! She works closely with Waste Management Services, on projects related to the management of radioactive waste. She is passionate about finding experiences where she feels she can help and support unmet needs that leave an impact. Previous to ANSTO, Hayat has worked across the medical product lifecycle for different devices in research, mechanical design and product marketing at ResMed.

As University Relations Officer, Hayat is passionate about connecting with more younger professionals. With an aim to inform a broader audience of AusYGN’s missions and increase our member base, she is looking to connect those in industry and university. This will allow AusYGN members to learn more about the nuclear science and technology industry, and the opportunities that exist in this field. ‘More conversations, more connections and always more to learn’ is her motto!

Raya Tasnim

Industry and Research Officer

Raya joined ANSTO as a Graduate in 2021 after completing degrees in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Science at UNSW. She has been attempting to put them to good use while working on the SyMo Project (a first of its kind treatment for nuclear medicine waste) and currently at the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering as part of the Sample Environment team. When she’s not hitting tri-clamps with a wrench, she can be found probing scientists about their research, occasionally providing assistance.

 As an AusYGN committee member, Raya hopes to promote the applications of nuclear science and technology, while building connections across industry and research sectors. She aims to introduce the many paths available to students wishing to pursue careers in STEM, and provide those already in the field with access to crucial development and networking opportunities – AusYGN is a great initiative to help them shape the future.

Alex Lo

Technology Officer

Alex is an IT Support Officer at ANSTO with a degree from University of Technology Sydney in Information technology. Alex works with employees throughout ANSTO supporting their computational needs and requirements that play a part in the development of nuclear science and technology bringing innovation, safety and efficiency to industrial processes, AusYGN is another great initiative to support the growth of the nuclear field.

William Li

Events Officer

William is an Analytical Chemist in Quality Control within ANSTO Health. His role mainly entails testing materials of components that are used to make radiopharmaceutical products that get sent out to hospitals and clinics, as well as the products themselves.

William is a UNSW graduate, completing degrees in Engineering (Chemical) and Science. Before starting at ANSTO, he spent a little over 3 years in the health supplements industry in a similar chemist role.

He may be working with products that have potential to save lives, but he also has a strong interest in environmental processes, including how toxic chemicals such as radioactive materials get into the environment and its long-term impacts.

William brings experience in planning, organising and executing a range of events such as site tours, Q&A panels and networking events, and is keen to help build AusYGN to being a recognised professional organisation among students and professionals in the nuclear industry, bringing together like-minded people to build connections and share ideas.