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Australian Young Generation in Nuclear is committed to ensuring all Australians continue to gain the maximum benefit from nuclear science and technology tomorrow, by engaging and supporting young Australians today.


Australian Young Generation in Nuclear aims to:

  1. Develop and expand a network of young nuclear professionals within Australia and around the world
  2. Promote the peaceful uses and benefits of nuclear science and technology
  3. Promote transfer of knowledge between different generations of nuclear professionals
  4. Promote transfer of knowledge between young nuclear professionals
  5. Create professional development opportunities for young Australians in the nuclear industry
  6. Encourage young Australians to take up a career in the nuclear industry
  7. Be a voice for young professionals to the rest of the nuclear industry

Latest News

AusYGN secures IYNC conference for Sydney in 2020

Australia is set to host the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) in Sydney in 2020, following a successful bid campaign by the Australian Young Generation in Nuclear (AusYGN). The IYNC is a global network that connects the young professionals in the nuclear field, focusing on inter-generational knowledge transfer and promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear […]

AusYGN fosters close collaboration with Women in Nuclear Australia

The Australian Young Generation in Nuclear and Women in Nuclear Australia are proud to announce the signing on February 8th 2018 of a new Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations, fostering closer collaboration.

IYNC 2020 Local Committee Positions

Applications for positions on the Local Organising Committee of the IYNC 2020 conference are now closed, however we would still like to hear from interested people looking to participate in organising the  conference. Please contact us here.

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AusYGN connects and collaborates with nuclear science and technology researchers all over Australia.


AusYGN brings together professionals from Australia’s entire¬†nuclear industry, from engineering, mining, reactor operations, radiopharmaceuticals and waste management.


Membership of AusYGN is open to anyone who works in the nuclear industry or has a professional interest in nuclear science and technology.

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