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AusYGN supports Australia’s participation in Generation IV International Forum

Australian Young Generation in Nuclear (AusYGN) have made a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) in support of their review of the treaty to accede to the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Framework.

Australia became the 14th member of the GIF on 22 June 2016 when Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation CEO Adi Paterson signed the GIF charter. Australia must now accede to the GIF Framework Agreement, which constitutes a treaty action, in order for Australia to fully participate in the GIF. JSCOT have received the GIF Framework Agreement from Parliament and are now inviting interested organisations to make submissions to their review of the treaty as part of the accession process.

The GIF is a cooperative international endeavour which was set up to carry out the research and development needed to establish the feasibility and performance capabilities of the next generation nuclear energy systems. Accession to the Framework Agreement will ensure that we, as a nation and AusYGN as young engineers, scientists and professionals, remain connected to ongoing developments in critical areas of nuclear research and science.

AusYGN Submission

Submissions to JSCOT can be found on the Australian Parliament House website.

More information on the treaty being considered can be found on the Parliament of Australia website.

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